Thursday, January 18, 2018

From Red Light To Every Night

found her on the street
she looked like such a treat
mini dress way up to here
could almost see her rear

had to pick her up
she looked so good to sup
we fell in love that first night
I was mister right

decided to get hitched
hope I don’t get ditched
soon she was my lovely bride
now the knot is tied

the perks are good
it’s understood
my Cialis bill is high
she is far from shy

forget doing the dishes
I like the way she kisses
I come home each day by three
she’s waiting there for me

she’s done no work
she drives me berserk
she sits around the house all day
there’s always time for play

she’s worth it tho
she doesn’t sew
makes it up in other ways
she has me in a daze

there’s only one prob
need a second job
can’t afford my cialis bill
she needs me on that pill

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