Thursday, March 30, 2017

Joyce's Answered Prayer

In ICU through 10 days of hell
My husband is ill not doing very well

His heart has failed two times so far
A stroke and bleed has raised the bar

The man I have known and loved is gone
His heart and lungs might last till dawn

But four full days we watch and wait
For him to reach his final fate

Must handle his organs with timely care
The final part of him that he could share

Day five he's getting very weak
Things are looking very bleak

Dear friends at hand to offer support
Tired and werry they refuse to abort

A vigil of anguish to view him this way 
Can't endure another day

Dear God, "I truly want to state
Gratitude for enjoying Les as my mate"

"If it's Your will please take him now
Or restore him to health with a miracle somehow"

"Please give me comfort in his place
In the future that I have yet to face"

Gods answer to prayer was plain to see
As the feeling of peace came over me

His damaged brain did no longer connect
His vital signs would immediately reflect

From his death the blind will see
With organs to help a total of three

After death he still helps others
Offering help to his sisters and brothers

Thank you God for Your answer to prayer
Immediate answers seem so rare

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