Sunday, April 2, 2017

Our Dog "Jake"

We've enjoyed nine great years
Now his memory brings on tears

A joy to us, a comfort to many
Won't be forgotten, memories a plenty

He had a great life and traveled afar
Want to learn, just read his memoir

Played by oceans left and right
Ran in circles with all his mite

A nursing home therapy dog
Went room to room with his monologue

Came to us in the night
To tell us of his fatal plight

Licked my nose woke me from sleep
Laid beside me in a heap 

He licked my hand one last time
As if to say, "I now resign"

His breaths were shallow and movements slow
Held him close, my love to show

Awakened Kim to bid farewell
Length of time I couldn't tell

We cuddled in and spoke our love 
Gave our thanks to The Man above

He will be missed most every day
In our hearts he will stay

His friends still come to our door
To visit the one that they adore

"Sugar booger", "Sweetie pie"
"Honey bunny" were all his ally

We sometimes called him "Jakebrake"
But his name was simply "Jake"

David Rose

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